Discovering history of Volgograd

Komsomolskaya street. Volgograd

Volgograd is a big historical city of Russia!

Thanks to outstanding historical aspects, this city is full of unforgettable sights. I strongly recommend to visit Volgograd with your children. Here they will be exited of visiting Mamaev Kurgan or the Museum of the Stalingrad Battle. There are many other activities here for your kids  like theatres, parks and etc.  I am sure you’ll be in love with this city…

You can read my freelance article about this amazing city on and find out some more answers. Check it now!!!

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8 facts of travelling with children!

  1. No Fears! Children love to observe and participate so where ever you go they can be your great company.
  2. You need Plan! As you travel with children you need to have any plan of your trip. It could be approximate  plan just to make schedule. And of course your child can help you!!! You can also make a map together!
  3. No hurry! This is the most important thing  when you travel with children. You need to have similar rhythm of life with this them even just for this period. And you will understand  that you see even more than usually. Simply because you will look arround not just on the map.
  4. Choose nature instead of museum.  As you know, kids like to observe it will be more interesting for them.
  5. Give them all rights to be children! What can be more fantastic than walking in the rain and splasing in fountain , collecting stones or shells, lough loudly, jump and be happy.
  6. Time to communicate! Your child needs time to communicate with other children and there is no  difficulty if they speak different languages!
  7. You don’t need to do all what your child wants!!! You can chose the route you like and go there with your child. Remember: Happy parents have happy kid!
  8. Don’t forget your medical Kit!

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